For Potential Speakers

If you are interested in becoming a speaker for Concord Dental & Medical Seminars we ask all speakers adhere to the policy below and submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • High Resolution Photo
  • Biography
  • Course Program with:
    • Description
    • Outline
    • What You Will Learn
    • Objectives
  • Detailed Course Manual including references (upon acceptance)

    Please submit to:

Concord Dental & Medical Seminars
PO Box 700
Epsom, NH 03234-0700
Or email to:

Concord Dental & Medical Seminars Policy

Concord Dental & Medical Seminars (CDMS) is not supported by any commercial organization, receives no grants or funding, and its revenues are derived only from the tuition of the attendees of the seminars that it sponsors. Our organization and the speakers that we hire do not sponsor, promote or sell any commercial products, tapes, books, instruments, forms or other materials.

It is the policy of CDMS that no speaker participating in the program of any session, during his or her presentation, shall promote any commercial enterprise or solicit any business from members and guests attending the program. Violation of this policy shall be grounds for exclusion of the speaker from participation in future programs sponsored by CDMS. We recognize that some of the essays presented require the discussion of specific products and services. CDMS, however, prohibits blatant commercialism and self promotion.

Concord Dental & Medical Seminars is exclusively devoted to providing professional, current scientific information to the dental and medical professions.