Optimizing Your Patients' Systemic Health Through Dental Care!

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  • AGD Approved:

    8 CEUs

  • Presenter:

    Nicolaas  C. Geurs   D.D.S., M.S.

  • Date + Time:

    Friday, July 26, 2019   8:30am - 5:00pm

  • Location:

    Crowne Plaza Anchorage ~ Midtown

    109 W. International Airport Road

    Anchorage, AK   99518

    (907) 433-4100

    Facility Website

  • Tuition:

    Dentists: $299.00

    RDH/Auxiliaries: $199.00

    RDH or Aux. in attendance with Dentist: $169.00

    Add $10/registrant if after: Friday, July 19, 2019

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    Complimentary. Use open lots.

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Course Description

Optimizing Your Patients Systemic Health Through Dental Care!
The effects of periodontal infection and inflammation are not limited to the destruction of the periodontium. There is compelling evidence outlining its influence on systemic health. Our patients are increasingly seeking opportunities to improve to improve their health. This course will review current concepts of etiology, pathology and therapy of periodontal diseases and the interface with systemic health with a focus on how we should educate our patients in 2019. The long-term relationship with our patients and our commitment to prevention in a dental practice present a unique opportunity to incorporate wellness concepts in our practices. Successful smoking cessation strategies will be discussed. The opioid abuse epidemic is gripping the country. The role of dentistry in this crisis will be discussed. This course will outline the latest innovations in periodontal treatment and prevention of periodontal disease. After completion of this course the participant will be able to implement these therapies in their dental practices to optimize the oral and periodontal health and improve the overall wellness of our patients.

  1. Periodontal Infection and Inflammation: What do they mean for your patients?
    1. Pathogenesis of Periodontal disease
    2. Microbial biofilms
    3. The new classification of periodontal diseases

      Mid-morning Coffee Break

    4. Periodontal therapy
    5. Adjunctive therapy
    6. Advanced periodontal care
    7. The truth about flossing


  2. Periodontal Disease and Systemic Health: What do we tell our patients?
    1. Cardiovascular and stroke

      Afternoon Dessert Break

    2. Diabetes and inflammatory periodontal disease
    3. Pregnancy and periodontal disease
      1. Preterm birth
      2. Treatment during pregnancy
    4. Periodontal infections and Alzheimer’s disease
    5. Smoking and periodontal disease
      1. Hookah, E-Cigarettes
      2. Successful smoking cessation programs
    6. The opioid abuse epidemic and the role of dentistry
  3. Open Discussion

Dr. Geurs’ presentation will use an interactive lecture format that will include a wide variety of clinical photographs to emphasize and demonstrate concepts. The seminar will discuss the latest in therapies to treat periodontal diseases to optimize oral health and systemic health. There will be ample opportunity for Q & A following each section of the presentation and at the end of the session."


To register by phone, please call (603) 736-9200
To register by fax, please send completed registration form to: (603) 736-9208. Download blank form here.
What People Are Saying
  • "One of the best seminars I’ve attended."
    - S.V., RDH (Lancaster, PA)

  • "Great delivery of info. Enjoyed the evidence based info."
    -RDH (Las Vegas, NV)

  • "Speaker was fabulous, lots of information, explained well, love the take home materials."
    - E.B., RDH (Tempe, AZ)

  • "The information I have learned today was great & something that I can incorporate in my office"
    - C.D., RDH (Bettendorf, IA)

  • "Dr. Geurs was excellent!! Well spent Saturday with him, Thank you!"
    - L.V., DDS (Sacramento, CA)

  • "Very personable, good speaker and very knowledgable."
    - M.H., DDS (Stockton, CA)

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the new 2018 classification of periodontal disease
  2. Learn the current concept in the treatment of periodontitis
  3. Learn how to treat periodontal inflammation
  4. Understand the role of regeneration in the prognosis of periodontally compromised dentitions
  5. Understand the systemic effects of periodontal infection and inflammation
  6. Use the current understanding and evidence to discuss the oral disease burden on systemic health
  7. Understand behavior modification concepts
  8. Implement preventive and maintenance strategies to optimize overall health of your patients
  9. Understand the Opioid abuse epidemic

To register by phone, please call (603) 736-9200

To register by fax, please send completed registration form to: (603) 736-9208. Download blank form here.

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