Oral Pathology & Oral Medicine Clinical Update 2020

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  • 8 CEUs
  • Presenter:

    Kenneth R. Tilashalski   D.M.D.

  • Date + Time:

    Saturday, January 11, 2020   8:30am - 5:00pm

  • Location:

    Embassy Suites Savannah Airport

    145 W. Mulberry Boulevard

    Savannah, GA   31407


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  • Tuition:

    Dentists: $285.00

    RDH/Auxiliaries: $185.00

    RDH or Aux. in attendance with Dentist: $145.00

    Add $10/registrant if after: Friday, January 03, 2020

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    Complimentary. Use open lots.

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This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.

Course Description

Diagnosis & Treatment of Ulcerative Disorders
Oral pathology can be interesting and a significant patient benefit offered by your practice. In this presentation, the “mysteries” of pathology will become clear, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your patient regarding their oral disease. You will learn key points to help make your life easier and practical information that can be immediately applied. Exciting newly developed treatment modalities will be featured. A myriad of topics and cutting edge information will be discussed, and include: what is that thing and how do I treat it? what caused this and how do I prevent it? and if it hurts, what will make it feel better?

  1. Introduction: Acute & chronic ulcers
  2. Viral ulcers
    1. Clinical presentation
    2. Herpes family of viruses
    3. HSV
    4. Coxsackie viruses
    5. Treatment strategies
  3. Aphthous
    1. Clinical presentation
    2. Etiology
    3. Treatment strategies
  4. Gingival diseases
    1. Desquamative gingivitis
    2. Lichen planus
    3. Pemphigoid
    4. Pemphigus
    5. Burns
    6. Treatment strategies

Treatment of Common Oral Lesions
The afternoon session will focus on some common funky conditions and how to treat them! Candidiasis presents in a variety of ways and it is important to recognize these and apply appropriate treatment strategies. We will focus on the various lesions induced by human papilloma virus, including cancer. The afternoon will continue with a discussion of oral cancer risk factors (you may be surprised by some of these!). Numerous clinical examples will highlight how to recognize cancer and we will analyze the latest evidence on diagnostic aids and whether you should be using these in your practice. And if you have ever had a patient grumbling about a burning mouth, you don’t want to miss this review of appropriate patient management.

  1. Candidiasis
    1. Risk factors
    2. Clinical presentation
    3. Treatment strategies
  2. HPV
    1. Associated lesions
    2. Role in oral cancer
    3. Vaccination options
  3. Oral cancer
    1. Etiology
    2. Clinical presentation
    3. Adjunctive diagnostic aids
  4. Burning mouth syndromer
    1. Presentation
    2. Mimickers
    3. Treatment strategies

Dr. T’s sessions will include a lecture format to present the subject information incorporating numerous clinical examples to highlight the material. Personal anecdotes, lessons learned, and audience participation will accentuate key points. The interactive approach will include opportunities to ask questions, share information, and have further discussions throughout the day."

This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.
What People Are Saying
  • "This was an absolutely fantastic CE. And you’re funny, which made it so enjoyable. Love your thoroughness and willingness to take questions."
    - J.G., RDH (Portland, ME)

  • "Helpful w/ differentials and how to prescribe Rx. Very informative."
    - A.F., DDS (San Diego, CA)

  • "Excellent presentation of material, interesting, informative + fun!"
    - R.M., RDH (Austin, TX)

  • "Excellent course, excellent instructor."
    - C.F., DDS (Raleigh, NC)

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course the participants should be able to:

  1. Identify clinical soft tissue lesions of the oral cavity.
  2. Formulate a differential diagnosis of ulcerative disorders.
  3. Synthesize medical and clinical findings to render a working diagnosis.
  4. Employ appropriate treatment strategies to oral ulcers.
  5. Distinguish between normal anatomy and clinical pathology.
  6. Apply treatment strategies for the various presentations of oral candidiasis.
  7. Identify HPV associated lesions.
  8. Understand the role personal habits play in the risk for oral cancer.
  9. Demonstrate a rational thought process to the evaluation of oral lesions.
  10. Use a sequenced treatment regimen for management of burning mouth syndrome

This seminar has already been held, please click here to view all upcoming seminars.